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Monday, January 22, 2007

this is not the end

Hi, my name is David and I'm the biggest screw-up in the world (or at least I feel like that right now).

I had the greatest thing in life going for me, love, and I thought I needed more at one time. As of late I know that this is all I need from someone. I had it in abundance and I took it for granted. I don't do that anymore. We don't find love in many places, especially this kind of love.

I can't help but feel right now that I lost everything. I messed up...bad.

This love means more to me than anything else on earth.

I must confess to everyone out there who reads this. I am not the same that I was last semester. Last semester was a lie. I wasn't the person God called me to be, and I wasn't the person that deserves the kind of love he had. I am not that person anymore. I am in the process of trying to make my amends to God and hopefully regain the trust and love that I need.

Those of you who know my situation know that I had a great thing. I'm sorry that I blew it this time. It won't happen again. I can't help but believe that there will be an 'again'. Something that powerful can't go away. I won't let it.

I love you

I'm sorry



At 2:49 PM, Blogger Steve Heyduck said...


I don't know what you are referring to, and don't need to. I do you you are a gifted guy whom God has called, and that every thing that any of us face God take and use for good.

Every brokenness, each hurt, every single stumble or frustration is a place we have been, and a place someone else will be.

For all of those places you have been, you can help someone else to know they don't have to be there alone.


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