Thoughts from the Futon

Thursday, March 30, 2006

"Igniting" with aniticipation

Yes ladies and gentlemen, Ignite '06 is upon us. I have never personally been to an Ignite event, but from word of mouth they are quite amazing. Even better is that I have the joy of being a part of the worship band. This is, if you don't know me already, something I live for. I currently lead worship for an amazing group of kids in Cleburne, TX and wouldn't have it any other way (just for sass). I'll be playing bass for Ignite, which is actually how I started off in worship; o those many years ago, in 10th grade. If you aren't currently signed up for Ignite '06 you can sign up at the door, just a little shameless advertising. Ah...well I'm distracted...updates will follow this weekend...COME TO IGNITE!! peace!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

First timer!

Ok, so I have broken into the blogging community. This, I guess, could be considered my first blog. There really isn't anything special to report right now; so I will tell you about a great discovery that happened two days ago.

Two days ago, after returning home with Chipotle burritos in hand, I cracked open a bag of torilla chips. Expecting nothing more than five whole chips and about thirteen more made up of tiny fragments of chip, I begin to pour out the deep fried flour goodness onto my plate. Much to my suprise falls out the most amazing thing ever. A chip that was, in fact, an entire tortilla. Now, some of you must be thinking - eh, big deal? - but it is a big deal. In a time when the chip has lost its integrity, and most of the time you open new bag of chips to find it only half full and mostly broken (there's a sermon in there somewhere); my respect for this chip company immediatly tripled, not to mention they were quite tasty. So if you're ever in the market for a good bag of tortilla chips, hunt down a bag of El Milagro chips. Ditch the Tostitos and go with the chips that might possibly deliver a whole deep-fried tortilla!

Granted, it is not perfectly round, but only slightly folded and still intact.